My Notifications

“My Notifications” service keeps you up-to-date on your upcoming flight by providing automated flight notifications, thus, saving you valuable time and enhancing your travel experience.

How it works?

We will always keep you informed by Push notifications through the Aegean App, SMS or email with the types of information included in the tables as follow.

So that we can do this, kindly check-in through the Aegean App and start receiving Push notifications or provide your up-to-date mobile phone number or email address during the check-in procedure.

a) Operational Notifications

Type of Notification When? Requirements
Gate Information
When the gate number is assigned to your flight.
You have checked-in for your flight.
New Gate
When the gate number of your flight changes and a new gate is assigned.
You have checked-in for your flight.
Gate Open
When the gate of your flight opens.
You have checked-in for your flight.
Baggage Belt Information [1]
Upon landing, you are informed about which baggage belt to go to in order to collect your checked baggage.
You have checked your baggage and your flight has landed.
[1]: Baggage Belt Information type of notification is currently available for flights with final destination, Athens (ATH).